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The denaturing and sale of alcohols

A highly regarded sector of expertise

denaturing solvents

The Brabant company originally specialized in the manufacture of pure alcohol.  Influenced by a series of regulations, it has gradually turned its activities towards the denaturing and sale of alcohols.  Over the years, the Group has acquired a highly-regarded level of expertise which enables it to meet the specific needs of its customers.

A large part of the alcohol traded by Brabant comes from Téréos, a world leader in sugar and alcohol. Through its partnership with Téréos, Brabant customers are guaranteed regular, safe and top quality supplies.

Brabant fulfils its customers’ needs through various procedures :

denaturing 2-     Denaturation by a general procedure: the alcohol is denatured by adding a comprehensive denaturant.
-     Denaturation by a special procedure: this is a customized type of denaturation by adding a denaturant which corresponds to specific requirements.
-     Infection by ethyl phthalate or Bitrex®.
-     Pure alcohol.

 The Brabant Group also markets synthetic alcohol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol and n-propanol.  Upon request, it can supply alcohols of a pharmaceutical quality.

When the alcohol arrives at the factory, it is analysed.  A denaturant or an infectant is added and it is then packaged according to its destination: in bulk (1,000 to 30,000 litres); 1,000 litre container; 200 litre barrel; 20 litre or 5 litre can; 1 litre bottle. It is then inspected in its container and given a batch number before delivery to the customer.  Through this type of organization, we ensure full traceability of the products we market.

Brabant’s remarkable know-how in this field and the size and performance of its installations enable the Group to meet a wide variety of demands:

- for various industrial sectors: food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, chemistry, printing, paints and varnishes, inks, the car industry, etc.
- for distribution: pharmaceutical  dispensaries, hardware shops, supermarkets, etc.

This makes Brabant a leading player in the industrial alcohol market.