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Trading of solvents and petroleum products

traging solventsRapid, flexible, personalized deliveries

Brabant has been developing the trading of solvents and petroleum products for many years.  This includes, for example, white spirit, toluene and ethyl acetate.  The solvents are stored in special tanks and then sold pure or specially blended according to our customers’ specifications.

Manufactured by the biggest petroleum groups (Total, in particular), all solvents sold by Brabant are inspected by our laboratories on arriving at our factories.  Our know-how resides in our capability of delivering quality solvents or blends from our Research and Development quickly and flexibly. Brabant is also able to supply solvents of a pharmaceutical quality upon request.

These products are delivered in various types of conditioning :

- trading industry    in bulk by tanker according to the amount required (1,000 to 30,000 litres),     

-     in 1,000 litre containers,

-     in 200 litre barrels,

-     in 20 and 5 litre cans, as well as in 1 litre bottles.


trading laboratoryProducts to be delivered are checked in their container by our laboratories and given a batch number, then transported according to ADR regulations.  Our organization provides full traceability of the products we market. The highly-regarded savoir-afire of the Brabant company interests many sectors of activities: the pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, automobile (AQP*), paints and varnishes, the plastics industry, printing firms and hardware shops, etc.…


*Perfect statistical handling of our products which are used on car production lines without prior inspection by the customer.