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A “service” mentality

Brabant’s trade mark!

Service is second nature to Brabant.  It has been fashioned over the generations which have built up the Group.
Nowadays, it has been absorbed in all components of the company and governs our behaviour in our relations - first and foremost with our customers.

It is reflected in our flexibility and our resourcefulness in the various phases of our activities, and, in particular :

A “service” mentality

-     to deliver products from our trading and manufacturing activities to our customers in the quantities, expectations and time limits requested and in accordance with their needs,
-     to examine every opportunity to regenerate all types of solvents,
-     to put in place “tailor-made” solutions, when necessary, with dedicated processes and installations, to meet specific needs,
-     to provide the appropriate logistics for each of our services.

This service mentality is an integral part of our customer culture.  It explains our growth from 1880 and our capacity to continue to meet the expectations of a varied clientele to maximise the handling of their alcohols and solvents while, at the same time, contributing to safeguarding the environment.

The History

The field needs more depth, in a sense graphic design needs to find itself, all while evolving at the same time. It’s debatable how the background of graphic design needs to be shared. There’s the discussion of different designers, and their notable works. Portrayals of how the physical art has changed and been inspired by past all while embracing the future.

Philosophy of design is the study of assumptions, foundations, and implications of design. The field is defined by an interest in a set of problems, or an interest in central or foundational concerns in design.

Graphic Design as a field is young. There is not enough information about how it came to be. There is subtle information about society accepting messages being put in front of them. There’s not enough information given to design students about where the concept for graphic design comes from, or at least an understanding about the original forms of communications that used more than words, or why typography has such a large impact.

Herman Miller’s Design Philosophy

In the 1948 Herman Miller sales catalog, George Nelson laid out his view of the company’s design philosophy. These five simple statements echoed the education that Gilbert Rohde had provided for the company in the preceding decades.

  1. What you make is important.
  2. Design is an integral part of the business.
  3. The product must be honest.
  4. You decide what you will make.
  5. There is a market for good design.

This simple set of statements has defined a company’s product philosophy for many, many years. It’s no coincidence that Herman Miller has remained a contemporary, sustainable, design-driven business.

Brabant Global Solvants

Webmaster and Graphic Designer


Brabant offers a second life to your solvents!
We recover your soiled solvents packaged in Futs, IBC or Bulk. We recycle them.
Preserve the resources of our planet, have the reflex of recycling!

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