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Société P. BRABANT


Route Nationale - 59152 TRESSIN
Téléphone 03 20 41 28 05
Fax : 03 20 64 00 45

1826 Locust Street, Bainbridge support@templaza.com

It's second nature at Brabant.

It has been shaped over the generations that have built the Group.
Today it permeates all components of the company and dictates each of our actions with all of our stakeholders, foremost among which are our clients.
It manifests itself in our flexibility and our responsiveness to different stages of our activities, and in particular for:
- deliver to our customers in the quantities, requirements and deadlines required products from our trading and manufacturing activities corresponding to their needs,
- study the opportunity to regenerate any type of solvent, < / div>
- implement tailor-made solutions, if necessary with dedicated processes and installations , to meet specific needs,
- associate with each of our services the appropriate logistics.
This spirit of service , inseparable from our customer culture , explains our development since 1880, and our ability to respond in an ever more efficient way to the expectations of a varied clientele in order to optimize the management of their alcohols and solvents while contributing to the protection of the environment .


Route Nationale - TRESSIN - FRANCE -  +33 3 20 41 28 05 / +33 3 20 64 00 45

distillerie Brabant


Brabant offers a second life to your solvents!
We recover your soiled solvents packaged in Futs, IBC or Bulk. We recycle them.
Preserve the resources of our planet, have the reflex of recycling!

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