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Analyses and R&D

Priority and quality !

In order to provide its customers with the best responses to their specifications, Brabant owns specialized laboratories which are run by development engineers and chemistry technicians. Equipped with high-performance analytical equipment and techniques, these laboratories control in-coming and out-going products and those products being manufactured on a daily basis, as well as R&D.

High-performance analytical techniques and equipment.

Karl Fischer water dosage; gas phase chromatography: detectors by flame ionization, by katharometer or by mass spectrometer; dosage of halogens; base acid dosage; distillation pilot; gravimetric heat balance.

In addition are other specialized software products:

-     ProSim : regeneration simulation software; COPYRIGHT © 2002-2007 ProSim "All rights reserved ".
-     Calypso : software for editing analysis forms.
-     ChemGes : software for FDS + labels.

Daily analyses and inspections

Every tank of solvent arriving at a Group’s factory is sampled and analysed. Unloading only takes place if the product corresponds to specifications. A batch number is given to it for traceability purposes.
Out-going products are also analysed to check that they comply with the customer’s specifications. Checks are carried out in containers (tanks, containers, barrels, etc.) particularly to prevent any risks of cross contamination.

During manufacturing, inspections involve :

- The denaturation of alcohols and blends of solvents (verification of the product obtained in relation to the desired specifications).
- The regeneration of solvents (verification of the purity obtained at different stages of the process and help in piloting this process, when necessary).
Integrated into the ISO 9001 quality system, the Brabant Group’s laboratories carry out more than 15,000 analyses per year, resulting in almost 5,000 analysis bulletins.
For regeneration, the Brabant Group’s laboratories carry out feasibility studies. These studies utilize a 2 litre sample of soiled solvent, a maximum of information on the solvent (its impurities, composition) and the specifications of the product to be returned.
If the regeneration of the product is appropriate, we determine the process to be implemented in order to return the regenerated product in accordance with the customer’s specifications. We also determine the equipment to be used or to be acquired in order to carry out this regeneration. If a specific procedure needs to be implemented, Brabant provides the engineering for this procedure and sets up all necessary installations.

Pharmaceutical industry

: it is desirable that we are associated with the process of elaborating a new molecule as soon as possible in order to integrate the methods of regenerating the solvents meeting quality requirements. We are able to reproduce characteristics of the new product and we can even purify new products. Our services are provided under the strictest confidentiality.